Driver for a different webcam

Feb 9, 2009 at 11:03 AM
Hi guys, I am trying to write the driver in WinCE for Zebronics web cam, having
vendor id : 0xAC8 
product id : 0x307B

 As a reference I used the Logitech webcam code which is available on this site. But later on I found out that my cam doesn't follow the standard usb specifications. It has 1 interface with 8 alternate settings and all have the same class and subclass value. Now I wonder which of those interfaces should I assume as the VideoControl Interface. I am stuck in the ParseStreamInterface() function because of this issue. And also the camera doesn't return any value for lpIF->lpvExtended in the same function. If any one could help me in this regard it would be of great help. Plz suggest me a way to proceed.
Thanks anyway.