Lose Frame with Logitech QC Pro 5000 !!!

Oct 18, 2008 at 9:56 PM

Hi My Friends ...

i used your program (WebCam.NET  for  C#.Net) about conection USB camera in WM5 (use Logitech QC Pro 5000 and iPAQ HP 2790).

i also installed "Webcam.dll" driver in my ppc without any error .

for first time in following code :

rc = camera.GetFirstStreamFrame((ushort)m_nFormat, (ushort)m_nFrame, (uint)dwFrameInterval,out m_address, out nSize, 10000);

every thing worked good until this line run :

DeviceIoControl(WebCamSDK.IOCTL_CAMERA_DEVICE_GETNEXTVIDEOFRAME,inData, ref outData, out nBytes);//in Camera.Cs File    

suddenly program shows an error and doesn't return any frame.and  tested several value in nTimeout but nothing changed  .

the following error appear in my output error windows :

"A first chance exception of type 'WebCam.IO.WinAPIException' occurred in WebCam.wrapper.dll"

so what should i do ? how could i get  farme ?

Best Regards