Expert Coder - Hardware Novice

Oct 31, 2007 at 9:16 AM

I have a requirement to capture still and moving images from a remote device (I’m sure this has been done to death with CE, Win Mobile, etc). I have a prototype that runs on Win Mobile 5.0 Smartphone and now I need to run it on a real device. Hence the interest in this project but a complete lack of understanding about the hardware.

My questions are;

1) Is the driver reliable enough for a production application?
2) If not what work does it require?
3) What’s a recommended board? I’ve enquired in the UK about a couple but they tell me that their boards don’t support “isochronous transfers” (their spelling not mine).
4) Can I build an image with the driver built-in or does this require a third party/board supplier?

Many thanks,


Nov 18, 2007 at 12:41 AM

1. No, I wouldn't ship it as is. (Of course, I wouldn't ship any 3rd party code without answer 2 below).

2. What does it need? Testing, testing, testing. Even then, you'll have to see if it can work at the resolution/frame rate you want with your hardware.

3. There are plenty of boards. I use an ICop 2300. Any board with a fully supported USB host controller should work. Although, the speed of the CPU is critical for supporting non-small images/high framerates.

4. You can build this driver independently of the system build or build it with your board support package. Either way works.