WebCam wince 6.0 builded for Emulator ARMV4I

Nov 24, 2011 at 1:09 PM


I have followed your forum about the webcam driver for wince 6.0 and I compiled the driver for Device Emulator ARMV4I Release.

After the Clean Sysgen compilation I verified the ce.bib and the regenit.ini files and the webcam.dll settings were included in both files.

Now I am trying to emulate the connection throught the "Pocket PC 2003 SE Emulator", but when I executed the application “CameraDshowApp.exe”, the device name "CAM1:" does not appear into the field driver.

Log collected:
416928 PID:5af0022 TID:5b00022 CCaptureFramework: Failed setting up the camera data.
3416929 PID:5af0022 TID:5b00022 CameraDShowApp: Initializing the camera driver list failed.
3416971 PID:5af0022 TID:5b00022 CameraDShowApp: Retrieving the driver list failed.

Is it possible test the webcam driver by emulator? Do I need to set some specific configuration in the "Target Device Connectivity Options?

Build Configurations:
Device Emulator ARMV4I Release
Platform Builder (_TGTCPU)

Today my  "Target Device Connectivity Options is set as follow:
Target Device Emulator: Pocket PC 2003 SE Emulator
Download: Device Emulator (DMA)
Transport: Device Emulator (DMA)

Could you, please, help me identify what's wrong? Should I set the usb host item in the sysgen catalog components before to compile?


p.s: The “CameraDshowApp.exe” looks works fine because when I generate a BSP with only the "null camera driver" set into the sysgen catalog, the application identified the dummy driver.

Thanks in advance and Best Regards, Roberta.