Should Windows Embedded always ask for the driver name?

May 18, 2011 at 6:15 PM

Hi guys,

I've been trying to make this driver work with my Windows CE 7 build, but as a noob I've not managed to do much, so any of your help would be appreciated.

I have managed to integrate the webcam.dll in my windows build and even find a subproject that successfully builds camtest2.exe tool (which gave me errors I posted in another post here)...

However, I've now unfortunately noticed that even with the webcam.dll present or not, meaning both ways, the dialog box asking me for the driver name never pops up when connecting various webcams (the Logitech UVC from bellow and a Microsoft NX-6000 too)...could someone explain that to me please? Is there some other Windows Embedded CE 7 (camera) driver already integrated in my WEC7 build??? How to check and or remove it, any tool to see what is going on when connecting various usb devices, or something like that please?

May 20, 2011 at 3:44 PM


Continuing from before...

I've been trying to use 1113_2053 (VID_PID) webcam and been getting the IOCTL_CAMERA_DEVICE_GETVIDEOFORMAT errors...since it seems that webcam on my computer needs no additional drivers (i.e. it's UVC)...however, now I decided, just out sheer despair to use my NX-6000 (for which I thought wasn't UVC) and it worked!

It worked in a sense that CamTest2 didn't give me that error from before and opened up another which i see a camera menu item that should allow me to take a still, start stream, theoretically at least...because the taking still part gives me an Error 31now, and the start stream does nothing (camtest2 however shows available resolutions)?

Any help please?!?


I've now tried another webcam, a noname one, that has VID_PID (2760_50186) and it CamTest2 started for that webcam too, now if only I could get it (or the NX-6000) to work past the failure "calling IOCTL_CAMERA_DEVICE_QUERYSTILLFORMATS rc 31"? :( The logitech still fails to start another CamTest2 windows and IOCTL_CAMERA_DEVICE_GETVIDEOFORMAT returned 0 87 as oposed to this one (or NX-6000) returining 0 1 and at least opening CamTest2 window.