Subproject to install the driver in CE 6.0 during OS build

Apr 1, 2008 at 4:14 AM
I have a subproject that you can add to your VS 2005 CE 6.0 OS build project to automatically install the driver in the OS, the CamTest2 test program, and setup the registry for all known supported cameras - if anyone needs it let me know and I will post it. I have tested it on an X86 eBox. It does not recompile the driver or CamTest2, it just copies a previously compiled version.

Apr 1, 2008 at 1:17 PM

I have been looking all over the internet for about a month for a project which allows me to access raw frame data from the camera streem working on Win CE 6.0 with eBox.
I would be more than gratefull if you would share your subporject with me. my emial is

It would be a life saver
Apr 3, 2008 at 3:42 AM
Edited Apr 8, 2008 at 7:55 PM
OK it should be at click on Subprojects C C++ and you want everything in the WebCam directory (including subdirectories) - They might not allow directories to be copied off our server externally, so it might be a bit of a pain to get all of the files. I put a zip there for you inside the WebCam directory so that it is not so hard.

It is like the PhidgetsDrivers subproject that Jim Wilson has for Phidgets on the eBox. It does not compile any code - it just sets up everything for you and adds the driver.

Here is how it works - drop it in your OS design project directly where the other subprojects go (OS project name but two levels down) including all of it's subdirectories and files

Open your OS design project in VS 2005

use Project ->Add Existing Subproject and select WebCam to add it as a subproject to your OSdesign project

Start Build (selecting WebCam first will only build the subproject - a lot faster build than an entire OS!)

There are three files that do the work:

WebCam.reg adds the new registry entries to the OS for the camera driver so that it knows which USB devices use that driver. I added entries for all cameras that people have said worked (in posts here) but have only tried the original quickcam pro 5000. As newer cameras appear they will need a new registry entry here for the USB vendor product ID.

WebCam.bib includes the driver webcam.dll in the OS and puts Camtest2 (test app) in the Windows folder on the device.

Postlink.bat is a batch file that copies the driver and Camtest2 to the directory used for OS builds so that the *.bib command sees them.
The two files postlink.bat copies are in an X86 WebCam subdirectory already. If you change the subproject name or path you will need to edit the copy commands in postlink.bat

When your new OS boots ,if you plug in the camera, if the registry settings are correct it will not pop open a window asking for the USB driver name.
So if you don't see that window pop open on the eBox - things are working.
Go to the eBox windows directory and run the Camtest2 application (it should already be there).

Camtest2 should start running on the eBox and displaying camera images.

There are some extra junk files still around that I should clean up - but it is working now. Don't expect the debugger and breakpoints to work in this code as it does not have all of those files around.