I want to modify pdd code for my webcam, should I just repair pdd code?

Jan 21, 2011 at 10:19 PM

Hi ^^  I'm very glad to talk with you.

I 'm trying to develop usb camera using your code (thank you very much~!)

webcam100 includes much code files and I guess it's just pddClas.cpp source with which I should work to operate my webcam( I linked this camera module with Cypress's usb board ( it uses cy7c68013a chip).

am I right?? ; that is, can I just copy all the files (such as mdd , bin , files, inc, ect ) execpt ' pdd ' folder?

ah! I have one more question, as you know there's USB Video Class Command ID in the pddClas.cpp source, and is that mean that I must use cam which supports UVC 1.1??

take care~